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Girls Who Code was founded with a single mission: to close the gender gap in technology. In Girls Who Code Clubs, girls learn to use computer science to impact their community and join our sisterhood of supportive peers and role models.

What Clubs Teach:

  1. Problem Solving and Impact. At the core of a Girls Who Code Club is the Computer Science “CS” Impact Project, where girls learn to use computer science to solve a problem relevant to their classroom and community. Through this Project, girls expand their problem solving and computational thinking skills. They leave the Club with an appreciation for how they can use this way of thinking to impact their everyday lives.
  2. Sisterhood. Girls Who Code Clubs provide community and support for girls to explore computer science in a fun and friendly environment. Beyond the classroom, Clubs students can tap into an alumni network of tens of thousands of girls across the country who are using computer science to make a difference.
  3. The Core4 Computer Science Concepts: Through the CS Impact Project, girls will learn the Core4 computer science concepts that form the basis for all computer programming languages. The Core4 concepts of loops, variables, conditionals, and functions are critical whether girls want to build a mobile application, a website, or program a robot. Students with more computer science experience will have the opportunity to explore more advanced concepts to enhance their participation in the CS Impact Project.

Apply to start a FREE Club as a Sponsor! You’ll need:

  • Space to host the Club.
  • Computers and internet connection for each Club student.
  • A Faculty member, employee, or student on campus who will be responsible for leading the Club and communicating with Girls Who Code.
Click here to request a PDF sample of the application for be a Girls Who Code Club Sponsor.
Apply to Facilitate the Club curriculum! Facilitators are:
  • 18 +
  • Available 3-4 hours per week, including travel and prep time
  • Have some teaching experience (e.x. Teacher, TA or volunteer)

Click here to request a PDF sample of the application for be a Girls Who Code Club Facilitator.